DTU Start-up Training Programme

Courses targeted start-ups at DTU

DTU offers startup training camps twice a year for employees and select students who are starting or have recently started a business to prepare them for commercialisation.

At the DTU start-up training camps you will get business advice and insights as well as professional training and feedback of all business aspects of your start-up case.


The training camps are structured as full day events and designed to help you get your start-up off the ground with relevant talks and workshops. You will also get great networking opportunities and become a part of a community.


In order to participate, you need to have a case with a business potential that has been matured to a level where you can get sparring and feedback from the coaches and other participants. Our mission is to help get as many DTU start-ups successfully to market.


You can pick and choose among the training camps or even participate in them all for maximum value. It is all free of charge, and all camps take place at DTU

Upcoming camps to be announced


"Since I started at the DTU-Accelerace Start-up Training, I have learned so much"

Natalie Kostesha, Senior Researcher, DTU Nanotech