Norlase sells laser technology for eye surgery in USA

Wednesday 15 Jan 20

DTU spin-out Norlase has gone to market in USA with cutting edge laser technology for eye surgery.

Making an impact and bringing technology to people is deeply imbedded in DTU’s DNA. And DTU spin-outs are out in the world doing just that with cutting-edge research as their big asset. Among them is Norlase, a tech company that spun out from DTU Fotonik in 2014 as part of the Bridging the Gap initiative.

Launching a product in USA

"This deep technological knowledge is hard to come by if you are not from a research environment such as DTU"
CEO Oliver Hvidt, Norlase

DTU spin-out Norlase launched its first product, LEAF, on the American market in October 2019. LEAF is a revolutionising laser-based product for treatment of retina and glaucoma diseases.


Deciding where to take good technology when it has been perfected in the lab can be quite a task. “We spent some time identifying where we could have the greatest impact, and what products could be sustainable in the long term”, says Norlase CEO Oliver Hvidt. In the end, it became ophthalmologists that could benefit from their laser technology.

Norlase has been through an intensive test cycle with American ophthalmologist before receiving FDA approval. They launched the product shortly after and, just 4 months later, excited customers are lining up.

“Our main focus is now on scaling up production to keep up with customer demand. It is important for us to be able to deliver immediately”, says CEO Oliver Hvidt.

Innovation in laser eye treatment has been more or less stagnated during the past decades and Norlase’s innovative solutions are coming at a great time.

“We have gotten a chance to take a seat as a company that is ready to offer a new generation of products and we can now focus on creating highest value for the customers,” CEO Oliver Hvidt explains.

Delivering cutting-edge technology

LEAF does not only have groundbreaking laser technology. It is also 10 times smaller than existing solutions, which makes it portable and releases much needed space in the clinics. It has no external fiber to damage or limit the practice space where it can be used.

Oliver Hvidt explains; “Our product is 10 times smaller and fits into an adaptor that can be placed on top of the microscope. We can make it so small because our laser source in itself is very small and 10 times as effective as anything else on the market, meaning that cooling requirements are lower”.

In addition, it is digital with an intuitive tablet user interface, as opposed to most other solutions today, and has wireless connectivity. The growing digitalization of medical devices is among the many things that make LEAF stand out as a prime example of the next generation products.

”It has been an advantage that we can combine a deep knowledge of advanced laser therapy with an understanding of what the consumers need. This deep technological knowledge is hard to come by if you are not from a research environment such as DTU,” says CEO Oliver Hvidt about their DTU roots.

Many things are possible with cutting-edge technology and while Norlase is busy conquering the world of laser eye treatment, they are also thinking ahead and designing something brand new to be announced in 2020.