DTU spinout enters commercial agreement with VWR/Avantor

Thursday 03 Dec 20


cphnano is a Danish Labtech company that develops digital laboratory analysis and diagnostics for the smart lab of the future.

The company is founded in 2015 at DTU Nanotech (now DTU Department of Health Technology)

Emil Højlund-Nielsen, CEO
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In 2017 VWR International merged with Fortune 500 Avantor Inc.
VWR/Avantor has more than 12,000 employees globally and delivers to 225,000 customer locations in 180 countries.

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DTU spinout cphnano is entering a new chapter after signing an important agreement with the global research and life science supplier VWR/Avantor.

Labtech company cphnano develops advanced consumables and cloud-based software for spectrophotometry, which expands the functionality and precision of existing simple laboratory equipment.

"The agreement is the beginning of a close partnership to upgrade existing VWR/Avantor lab equipment at customers with the newest innovation from cloud computing to nanotechnology"
CEO Emil Højlund-Nielsen, cphnano

The company has recently signed a distribution agreement with VWR/Avantor. The agreement will roll out the cphnano product line in Europe where VWR/Avantor is the leading supplier.

“Besides VWR/Avantor now being our sales channel in 21 countries, the agreement is also the beginning of a close partnership to upgrade existing VWR/Avantor lab equipment at customers with the newest innovation from cloud computing to nanotechnology allowing untrained people to perform advanced analysis in seconds”, says CEO Emil Højlund-Nielsen, cphnano.

A SmartLab Approach

Cphnano is based on a DTU patented consumable that can run advanced analyses of liquids and detect substances, such as the level of protein, in a fluid. Thereby, their solution can upgrade spectrophotometers, replace expensive lab equipment, and with the cloud-based software, the results can analysed by untrained personnel in under 5 seconds.

”It all runs automatically so all a customer has to do is press one button. Most of the industry is manual right now. Everybody is talking about the smart lab of the future but nothing is actually happening. This is where we can make a difference”, explains CEO Emil Højlund-Nielsen from cphnano.

The solution caters to customers such as researchers and manufacturers where it can be used for development and quality control.

From DTU to the market

The team at cphnano is an outcome of the innovative environment at DTU Nanotech. DTU has turned research into commercial products with a spinout survival rate of 73% over the last 25 years.

“On one hand, we have learned how to do research based on nanotechnology and photonics – and upscale it to deliver brand new technology to the market. On the other hand, we also care about creating practical solutions that makes a difference for the end-customer in their daily work. This combination is common to most DTU Nanotech spinouts, I think”, he points out when asked about their DTU roots.

Currently, the team at cphnano is getting ready to move out of DTU Science Park in Lyngby and to industrial facilities in Farum in the beginning of 2021. Within a few years, the factory in Farum will be at full capacity allowing VWR/Avantor to expand the distribution of cphnano products to its US home market and the rest of the world.