DTU Awards DKK 2.6 million in PoC Grants

Thursday 12 Mar 20


Michael Persson
Programme Manager, DTU Enable
+45 60 54 40 31

Six exciting DTU projects with significant commercial potential have been awarded DTU’s Proof of Concept grant of up to DKK 500.000, amounting to a total of DKK 2.6 million.

Awarded projects

Prof. Paul Michael Petersen and Assis. Prof. Yiyu Ou, DTU Fotonik 

Project: Adina - Antimicrobial dental implant by nanostructured Titanium surface

Adina’s invention will be able to implement nanostructures on the surface of Titanium dental implants. The technology will help patients avoid infection, painful surgery and a significant cost.

Prof. Mads H. Clausen, DTU Chemistry, and Prof. Thomas Ostenfeld Larsen, DTU Bioengineering

Project: Gaius

Gaius will develop better medicine for treating epilepsy, and meet the medical need for anti-epileptics to improve safety and treatment for non-responders.

Post doc. Yasser Nour & PhD student Ahmed Morsi Ammar, DTU Electro

Lotus Microsystems – SiCube: Highly-Miniaturized Power Converters

Lotus Microsystems will produce extremely small silicon based power converters, which can be used to miniaturize many electronic applications, such as hearing aids, and improve user experience.

Dr. Seunghwan Lee, DTU Mekanik

Project: Joint-Aid

Joint-Aid will produce lubricants for prosthetic joint implants to prolong the lifetime of the implants and reduce the need of revision surgery


Assoc. Prof. Kaare H Jensen, DTU Physics

Project: Treeflow

Treeflow’s invention will delivers precise liquid flow in taps by mimicking water transport in plants.


Data Scientist Emil Hovad, DTU Compute

Project: Itracket - Record, Replay & Re-learn

Itracket is developing app software to record, replay and review tennis sessions. Through artificial intelligence, the app will be able to analyse a tennis game, incl. backhand, forehand and serve.


DTU Proof of Concept Grant

The PoC grant is a vital step in the development and maturation of DTU technologies towards commercial application. The grant covers a period of maximum 12 months and is awarded three times a year.

If you have established the preliminary proof of concept of your project and your research has commercial potential, you can apply for the next round of POC Grants by 11 May 2020.

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