Norlase Announces Distributors into Major European Markets

Thursday 10 Dec 20


CEO Oliver Hvidt:

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DTU spinout company Norlase has established distribution partnerships for the top 5 markets in Europe to fuel growth of Norlase Green Laser Systems.

Norlase, an emerging global ophthalmic company, announces new distributor partnerships developed to advance market growth and global expansion of the Norlase family of green laser systems into, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Norlase develops next-generation laser solutions for ophthalmologists based on DTU patented technology.

Rolling out next generation laser technology in Europe

“We're thrilled to announce that most ophthalmologists in Europe will now have access to the next generation of laser technology, through our network of customer-centric distribution partners”, said Oliver Hvidt, CEO and President of Norlase. "Our team has been working diligently to reach this important milestone and I want to congratulate everyone involved."

Expansion into the European market is the next milestone for Norlase as they continue to increase market share in eye care, following the introduction of the LEAFTM  (CE Marked Approved) and LIONTM Green Laser Systems in the United States.

The teams of ophthalmic distributors selected to represent Norlase in their respective regions have extensive knowledge, not only in the retina and glaucoma markets, but also technological expertise in ophthalmic laser solutions. Leveraging their robust customer network and relationships, Norlase intends to continue to drive growth and establish a strong presence in these key countries.

“Our partnerships were thoughtfully established based on each distributor’s proven success in eye care and their immense ophthalmic knowledge. I am extremely proud and look forward to these collaborations and ongoing future success”, said Taoufiq Jellal, VP of Global Distribution at Norlase, “Norlase’s innovative laser technology is now more accessible to ophthalmologists and patients in Europe with upcoming announcements to expand into other regions around the world.”

European distributors 

SanoTek (France), Eyetec GmbH (Germany), C.I.O. (Italy), Bloss Group (Spain) and Sigmacon (UK & Ireland)

About Norlase

Norlase is a spinout company from DTU Fotonik, founded in 2014, that develops next-generation laser solutions for the treatment of retina and glaucoma diseases. The company is comprised of worldwide industry experts in ophthalmology, laser technology, medical device development, and customer care.

Norlase is on a mission to improve practice efficiency, patient care, and physician convenience for ophthalmologists worldwide. Norlase products includes its flagship product LEAF, a laser photocoagulator that’s 10X smaller than existing systems and mounts directly on the slit lamp, and LION - the first fully integrated green laser and LIO.