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DTU spin-out releases a COVID-19 antibody test providing lab-grade accuracy in a matter of minutes

Wednesday 24 Jun 20


En Te Hwu
Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech
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BluSense Diagnostics has CE-marked its blood test for the detection of the antibodies, which identifies if a person has had the coronavirus infection (COVID-19). ViroTrack Sero COVID-19 IgA+IgM/IgG Ab has been evaluated in collaboration with Hvidovre hospital, demonstrating an exceptional laboratory-grade accuracy in 13 minutes.

“It is a great achievement, as we developed and CE-marked the diagnostics product in as little as three months. This would not have been possible without the hard work of our team and our patented technology – Immuno-Magnetic Assay (IMA), which can be scaled to almost any infectious disease”, - says BluSense Diagnostics CEO and founder Filippo Bosco.

"We developed and CE-marked the diagnostics product in as little as three months"
BluSense Diagnostics CEO and founder Filippo Bosco

We are proud to provide an antibody test as it will identify who has had the virus and possibly is immune to it. The knowledge could also play a critical role in supporting the development of vaccines and surveillance efforts.

During the clinical evaluation study in Hvidovre hospital, more than one hundred samples were tested with ViroTrack COVID-19 antibody test comparing the performance to the laboratory tests that are leading in the market. The results showed that the test developed by BluSense Diagnostics demonstrates above 90% accuracy in 8 days or more after the symptoms started as well as a very high performance during the early stage of the infection.

“Our product employs the best of two worlds - it has the convenience of the rapid diagnostics and the high accuracy of the laboratory tests. Because of that, we can deploy it in decentralized clinical settings, where time and great reliability are of paramount importance”, - says F. Bosco.

Today, when a hospital examines a patient for COVID-19, the sample is sent to the hospital's laboratory for analysis, which takes a few hours or even a few days. The ViroTrack COVID-19 serology test, which runs on a fully automated and portable analyser BluBox, allows to shorten the testing time and provides automated on-the-spot sample processing.

ViroTrack COVID-19 serology test detects three COVID-19 antibodies (IgA, IgM and IgG) and helps determine a patient's immune response as well as monitor all antibodies generated through disease progression.

About BluSense Diagnostics
BluSense Diagnostics is a MedTech spin-off from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) with offices in Denmark and Taiwan. The company was founded in 2014 by Filippo Bosco (CEO), Marco Donolato (CSO), and Robert Burger (COO). BluSense Diagnostics is continuously striving to improve patient care through the accurate and fast diagnosis of life-threatening infectious diseases.